Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Psalm Challenge

Sunday, near the end of my message, I challenged everyone to pick a Psalm at random and read it. 

Then, keeping in mind our conversation about how the Psalms are poems, and about how poems are a collision of order and chaos, I asked you to share any observations along those lines - just a sentence or two - nothing elaborate.

So, I will be posting my observations to the Quest Facebook page shortly, so you can respond either there or here or both.


I picked Psalm 27 totally at random, and here's what I found:

It starts with a boast of confidence in God - "Whom shall I fear? I will be confident even in the face of my enemies." But then, immediately he changes course and basically says, "One thing I seek - to have the safety and security of a relationship with God." 

This is a really good example of what we've been talking about. David's essentially saying, "God's got my back - so, I hope he's got my back." Lol.

He says, "My enemies don't have a chance," but then he says, "IF you take me in, God, my enemies will fall."

See, David's no different than us. If David can experience doubt, why do we think we won't?


Okay, what did YOU find? Can't wait to hear...

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