Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A New Song

Recently, I've been talking more than usual about discipline. Not like disciplining your kids or church discipline or something of that nature, but rather, personal discipline.

Maybe that's because I'm feeling a little personally undisciplined, of late. Or maybe not. But regardless, it has seemed to be on my heart more than normal.

Maybe that's why I felt compelled to spend some time talking about the Psalms.

I think the Psalms tend to get swept under the rug more than they should.

As contemporary Christians, we tend to focus on the New Testament - that is, the parts of the Bible written after the birth of Jesus - and I think we tend to think we're maybe a bit too, uhm, cosmopolitan for the Psalms.

But, that is SO not true.

I think it's no coincidence that the Psalms are nestled right in the middle of our modern Bible, because they are the very heart of God's people, poured out onto the floor of the temple. They're the cry of our heart, as we reach out to God.

They're beautiful and tragic and challenging and cathartic.

So, we're going to spend a little time there.

In fact, I think we're going to land there now, and maybe return there for a bit next Spring, as well.

Join us as we drink in these beautiful, ancient heartsongs.

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