Saturday, January 9, 2016

Come and See

Guest Blogger - Lance Hurley

For the past couple of years, I have put together a calendar on Shurtterfly for our house. This involves going through photos that have been taken and then putting them together based on whatever theme comes up. The thing I like about it is the different memories that are revealed with the turn of a page. Last year, Darla and I found ourselves looking at each page as a new month began and saying, "I remember when we did this..." There were pictures on that calendar of trips we had taken in the past to Colorado, Texas and California. Of course, there were pages of pictures of our grandson (now we have many pictures of our granddaughter in the 2016 calendar). The pictures are good reminders of experiences we have shared together.

I enjoy being reminded of things that have impacted my life. Maybe that's one reason I appreciate the job that God has given me. As each new church is started, new stories begin as people encounter Jesus in a fresh way. My job allows me to not only hear the stories, but to share the stories with others. These stories also provide a platform for me to invite others to come and see what God is doing in a particular area through the ministry of a new church.

I am looking forward to being back with you at Quest this weekend as we look at the lives of several people who encountered Jesus. If you want to prepare for Sunday, I encourage you to read John 1. There are two great themes revealed in this passage that will help us move forward spiritually in the year ahead. Plan to come and see what John has to teach us on Sunday at 3:30 pm.

Lance Hurley.

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  1. Sorry - won't be there to hear it this Sunday, Lance. Praying for your message.