Saturday, October 18, 2014

Quest Cafe - September 28th gathering...

On September 28, during our weekly gathering, Ed asked the question, “What does it mean to belong?” Then we broke up into groups and discussed this question. Someone from each group was responsible to text answers to this question that arose from that discussion. Here’s what we got…


Merriam Webster 2b : to be attached or bound by birth, allegiance, or dependency -- usually used with to <they belong to their homeland>


Everyone on the same playing field.
Loving people, even if it’s hard.
Not being alone.
Like family. Being accepted despite your faults.
It’s overused. Sort of lost its true meaning.
Contributing to the greater cause.
Finding answers as a group. Not being judged when you don't know the answer.
Club - pay a fee and get benefits.
Collective input.
Every individual has different specific talents, attributes, skills... But all are needed in the "Body"
All are needed to make up the Body.
All parts work together to be ONE.
You belong if you’re acknowledged.


There is a natural chemistry that draws people together.
Good to be a piece of the puzzle.
You don't want to be identified by what you do.
We matter more in small groups.
Sometimes it is good to be identified with a group. Sometimes not.


Feeling like I belong is a personal relationship that I have with our Lord and our Church.
The best way to improve that feeling is to be a part of that belonging for me is get involved in our Church.


For teams, they pick you. With Quest, you choose. Quest doesn't pick and choose.
We all choose to also belong to the body of Christ.
You can just come and sit, but you need to work at it and be involved to belong.
At Quest you feel compelled to participate. It comes naturally.
No matter how you feel or how your day is going, if you belong to the body of Christ, you can always feel better.


To be responsible for and accountable to and for.
To be selected by, to have something in common, to make an investment in.
To be owned by something, at least partly.

What an interesting variety of ideas and understandings of such a simple concept as belonging. Some very church-specific, some not. But all very interesting. Go Quest!

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